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Recent papers:


February 2019 - "Glass Transition and Lack of Equipartition in a Statistical Mechanics model for Random Lasers", 
G. Gradenigo, F. Antenucci, L. Leuzzi, pdf ]  


December 2018 - "A First-Order Dynamical Transition in the displacement distributio of a Driven Run-and-Tumble Particle", 
G. Gradenigo, Satya N. Majumdar, pdf ]  


September 2017 - "Participation Ratio for Constraint-Driven Condensation with Superextensive Mass", 
G. Gradenigo, E. Bertin,  Entropy 517 19(10) 2017.

The paper is an invited contribution to the special issue of Entropy "Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics of small Systems", with guest editors A. Puglisi, A. Sarracino and A. Vulpiani.



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